Kid talks being bullied in viral video, sparks conversation in local schools

FRESNO, Calif. - An internet video of a young boy, Keaton Jones, shows him breaking down, crying to his mother about being bullied at school.

The video has gone viral with more than 20-million views, generating an outpouring of support, including from many celebrities.

Yet, there are some questions swirling about the child's mother setting up a GoFundMe account for financial gain.

Still, Valley education leaders and students say they are glad people are talking about this heartbreaking subject.

In the video, Jones asks his mother, 'Why do they bully?'

That's a question Fresno High Leadership students are asking as well.

"There's no point in it, it's just needless negativity, like why?" Benton Johnson, senior, Fresno High School, said.

He said he knows all too well about being bullied.

"I have been in his situation and know how hopeless and endless it may seem," Johnson said.

Johnson and his classmate, Alyssa Vargas, said with the multitude of social media platforms, bullying happens on a daily basis.

"It's just important to know that anything that you say can hurt someone," Vargas said.

Something parents to Mason Ferdman, 4, worry about because they said he has a speech impediment.

"We've heard you know, why does he talk like a baby and that hurts us as parents," Tonya and Robert Ferdman, Mason's parents, said.

But students like Johnson and Vargas said, as part of the leadership team at Fresno High School, they try to make a difference for all kids.

"We just like to get it known on campus that we are trying to spread positivity," Vargas said.

The students say they have several clubs for students to take part in and even have some swag. From bracelets to hashtags that read "Be kind, be a warrior".

The students say they are always trying to remind their peers, they're not alone.

"Students should know that they can seek help, that there is help out there and there needs to be bigger movement about this whole situation because when it's costing children their lives before they can even live them, it's sad."

That call to action, Fresno Unified School District said they put in place back in 2009 with their bullying prevention program.

"When you see bullying don't stay silent, it's an obligation for our staff to report it and students don't be a bystander, be an up stander," Ambra Dorsey, Fresno Unified School District, said.

Johnson has a message to all the kids who are bullied.

"I'd like to tell all the kids out there don't be afraid to be yourself, it gets better," Johnson said.

Monday, MMA fighter, Joe Schilling, accused the child's mother of setting up a GoFundMe account for financial gain.

Jones' mother has denied the allegations.

But one thing is certain, the video has put the serious problem of bullying back n the national spotlight.

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