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Published 07/08 2014 09:48PM

Updated 07/08 2014 11:30PM

Water gushed out a pipe and down a street of Madera's Parkwood neighborhood Tuesday evening as workers flushed rust and other build-up out of the system.  An emergency drill team had to dig 300 feet before striking ground water.

“It's nice to see this water flowing though,” said Hope Cuellar, a Parkwood resident.

Hope Cuellar and 600 of her neighbors had been frustrated the past two days not having running water in their homes.

“Especially for a hardworking mom.  I hate to see dishes in the sink when I come home.  We couldn't run the washer or the toilets,” said Cuellar.

Madera County workers delivered 10 pallets of bottled water to folks as a way to get by.

The old pump is a known problem and the drought has made it age even faster.  On Sunday, it basically began sucking air.

“If the well would have failed another week from now we would have been in a better position,” said Madera Co. Engineer Kheng Vang.

County Engineer Kheng Vang says his department received approval on June 25th to allow Parkwood to tie into the city of Madera's water system as a backup to the unstable well.

“Contractors will be starting Friday and it will take them about three to five days to get the physical connection made.
There was no way to speed up the construction process because workers have not received the parts.

“They're being built and manufactured out of the area so they should be delivered Friday,” said Vang.
This water is suitable for showering and washing clothes, but for cooking and drinking the county says stick to bottled water through Wednesday night.

“The reason is we have to test for contaminants and within 24 hours we should get the results back,” said Vang.

The cost to fix the pump is $50,000 to $60,000.  The good news is the county has secured a $250,000, so the county will get reimbursed and can invest that money into a new well.

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