Twin Brothers Arrested for Murder

Published 07/03 2014 11:44PM

Updated 07/03 2014 11:50PM

A deadly traffic collision in Fresno originally thought to be an accident is now being ruled a murder.  It happened Monday June 30th at 4 am at Belmont and Calaveras.

Fresno Police have arrested two suspects, 18-year old twin brothers, Gerald and Jared Smith.

They're accused of beating up 49-year old Nathan Halsted and leaving him in a street, which allowed an innocent driver to run him over and kill him.

A Fresno policing camera captured video near the Shell gas station at Belmont and Calaveras.  It shows a 35-year old woman reportedly being robbed and beat up by brothers, Gerald and Jared Smith.

"The attack was senseless, unprovoked.  I hate to describe it like this, but it was like an animal pursuing prey," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

Then a man on a bike enters the picture, it's Nathan Halsted.  He tries to heroically rescue the woman only to have the young men allegedly turn on him.  For a good five minutes they kick and punch him while on Belmont.

Moments later another good samaritan in a car passes by.  The suspects try to fight him too.  A mistake was made though as one placed his hand on the vehicle's hood, which the driver pointed out to crime scene investigators.

“They were able to lift fingerprints from the vehicle and ultimately identified him as Gerald Smith, 18 years of age,” said Chief Dyer.

Halsted was left lying in the street, likely unconscious.  One driver stopped to avoid his bike, however, another driver did not notice a body in the next lane and tragically ran over Halsted.  The driver stopped and cooperated with police, so he will not face any criminal charges.

“He does not have any responsibility for what occurred.  The people responsible for this are Gerald Smith and Jared Smith.  They are the ones who unnecessarily beat this victim, left him in the roadway, which ultimately allowed him to be run over by a vehicle and killed,” said Chief Dyer.

Police would like to talk to anyone who was walking or driving by the area when the fight occurred so that they can strengthen their case against the Smith brothers.  If you can help, call Valley Crime Stoppers at (559) 498-STOP.

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