Supervisor Candidates Debate

Published 04/21 2014 11:29PM

Updated 04/21 2014 11:44PM

Fielding questions Monday evening were three gentlemen.  All of whom are running for District 1 Supervisor of Fresno County, which encompasses communities such as Firebaugh, Mendota and Kerman.

"I'm the only registered republican and fiscal conservative in the race," said Gary Yep, Fresno Co. Supervisor District 1 candidate.

Gary yep is the mayor of kerman and owner of a grocery store who aims to cut through the bureaucratic red tape.

"As a small business owner I see the regulations, I see the traps, I see the things burdening small businesses and I want to help alleviate that so we can grow Fresno County," said Yep.
Brian Pacheco is both a farmer and educational leader.

"I believe you can be a democrat and be a fiscal conservative," said Brian Pacheco,  Fresno Co. Supervisor District 1 candidate.

Pacheco says he is not a professional politician, just a real-world problem solver.

"I am my own person, I will vote my conscious and do what I believe is in the best interest of all the people of the county and not one particular individual or group," said Pacheco.

Blong Xiong has served as a Fresno city councilman for 8 years.

"Experience should matter," said blong xiong,  Fresno Co. Supervisor District 1 candidate.

Xiong says he's not one to hold grudges.  It was evident when he was asked about the somewhat rocky relationship that's existed between the city and county.

"I don't know what the issue is between the county and the city, but I tell you once elected, whatever has happened in the past is done.  We're going to move forward," said Xiong.
District 4 represents people in places like Reedley, Sanger and Kingsburg.

"I've lived in the region my whole life," said Steve Rapada,  Fresno Co. Supervisor District 4 candidate.

Steve Rapada is a former Reedley city councilman.  Water, public safety and unemployment are his biggest concerns.

"We need to attract businesses that fit the workforce we have.  In district four that's people who work with their hands," said Rapada.
Buddy Mendes is a Riverdale farmer who has served on a school board and a utility board.

"Making tough decisions is nothing new to me," said Buddy Mendes, Fresno Co. Supervisor District 4 candidate.

Mendes says money management is his specialty.
"I'm the only businessman in the race.  The only person who has had to make a payroll for over 30 years," said Mendes.
Fowler Mayor Pro-Tem, Daniel Parra is no stranger to budgets.

"I'm doing the job right now.  I'm ready to walk in it.  I'm ready to go," said Daniel Parra, Fresno Co. Supervisor District 4 candidate.

Parra prides himself on having great people skills and being a team player.

"When people say who do you align yourself with on the board I say all of them because it's going to take all of us to get a decision.  We're going to represent a million people and if we can't all get along, we're not going to be able to take care of our constituents," said Parra.

The primary election for all of these candidates takes place June 3rd.  

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