Protecting your personal information from hackers

Published 09/02 2014 06:25PM

Updated 09/02 2014 06:34PM

     Apple is investigating its iCloud service after celebrities claim their intimate photos were hacked. Apple says its looking into the theft of photos of photos from celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. But if it can happen to them, it turns out it can happen to pretty much anyone.

Snapping photos, saving passwords, contacts, pretty much everything, well you want to save it all. Apple's iCloud does just that only storing content you allow it to and you can access all of it from electronic devices; your iPad, iPhone, laptop and computer.

Student Mike Riley of Fresno State says that's exactly why he uses iCloud, but after hearing the claim of hackers leaked nude images of a number of celebrities possibly from the iCloud- he's says he's going to un-sync his information. "It's kind of alarming to say the least because okay... like I can be in danger of this I mean I understand their celebrities and they're targeted more but that means any of us can be affected by this."
Others think about protecting their identity all the time. "If it's really personal to me because if it can be seen by just somebody browsing through the internet how could it affect my life," said Matthew Madrigal, Fresno State student.

We sat down with tech expert Richard Norman of Technology Experts to figure how these hackers are getting into these secured systems. "Most commonly it's either an authorized app or weaker passwords most the back end systems are usually well-hardened so I would initially think that the users had weak passwords or they happen to have some apps that have compromised their phone."

Norman says people carry their life in their hands. "When you snap those photos and you have them syncing in those sky locations, a lot of times what happens is even though you delete them off your phone, they're still available on that sky drive."

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