Outdoor Watering Restrictions

Published 08/01 2014 11:22PM

Updated 08/01 2014 11:44PM

Outdoor watering restrictions have now officially taken effect for folks living in the city of Fresno

Residents are only allowed to water their yards twice a week, instead of three times.  If your street address ends in an odd number, your watering days are Tuesday and Saturday.  Even numbered addresses are assigned Wednesday and Sunday  You must water between 7 pm and 6 am.

Ryan Carlson has an even numbered house, so today was the first time he was supposed to skip his Friday waterings.

Reporter:  “Did you abide by the rule?”

“I didn't.  I haven't changed my timer yet, but it's on the to do list,” said Ryan Carlson, a homeowner.

Up the street, Wesley Tarvin bumped up the time on his Tuesday and Saturday waterings.  He's playing by the rules for one main reason.

“The fines are kind of scary.  That's more scary than losing your yard,” said Wesley Tarvin, a homeowner.
Conservationists are busy on patrol looking for water wasters.

"you will see our folks out Saturday and Sunday and in fact every day of the week," said Nora Laikam, City of Fresno Water Conservation Supervisor.

For the first offense, you will be issued a warning.  Each time after that is a $45 fine.  The city may turn off your water service after the 5th citation.

Laikam, says residents can call the city to set an appointment for a free consultation.  A worker will come to your home and show you methods to keep your lawn green.

"Now it may not be quite as green, but it will stay alive and it will keep your property values up," said Laikam.
Carlson just might take the city up on its offer.

"If they're willing to help me out, give me some tips and advice to maybe keep my lawn alive then I’ll take that kind of help," said Carlson.

Click the link above to setup a free consultation with the city to learn improved watering techniques and get help with sprinkler timers.

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