Homeowners Survey Damage from Junction Fire in Oakhurst

By Kathryn Herr

Published 08/19 2014 09:54PM

Updated 08/19 2014 10:04PM

Hundreds of residents are back in their homes in Oakhurst.

And fire fighters from around the state continue to work to put out flames from the Junction Fire.

It's charred more than 600 acres and damaged or destroyed nine homes and businesses.

Fire crews made major progress Monday night and Tuesday.

As the sun was going down, fire fighters hiked into the hills off Rocky Cut Road east of Highway 41 in Oakhurst.

This is the area where three homes and two businesses burned Monday night.

"It was a little bit crazy last night in the dark because you could just see everything around you burning, it was on fire, and you were in the middle of it," said Pamela Padovich.

She and her husband waited to evacuate, until about nine at night, when the fire moved onto the grounds of Suburban Propane about 30 yards from their house.

"Suburban propane tanks were poppin', shooting, so we decided it was time to go," Padovich said.

Part of one of those propane tanks landed on the other side of her house, about a football field away from the propane business.

Fire fighters saved Pamela's home. But three of her neighbors lost their homes. The offices of the propane company burned. So did an antiques shop.

The fire moved fast. Dry conditions and winds pushed the flames.

"We had spotting anywhere from a quarter to half a mile ahead of the regular fire,"  said Battalion Chief Chris Christopherson with CAL FIRE.

Helicopters and air tankers, and crews working non-stop on the ground finally stopped the progress of the fire.

As fire fighters looked for areas still smoldering, so did Pamela, happy that the damage wasn't worse.

"Happy to be alive, happy to have a home," Pamela said.

The cause of the Junction Fire is still under investigation.

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