Fresno's Police Chief Takes Ice Bucket Challenge

Published 08/25 2014 11:36PM

Updated 08/25 2014 11:59PM

It's six seconds three members of Fresno Police Department's SWAT Team will never forget; being allowed to drench their boss Chief Jerry Dyer.

"I was really hoping I would not be challenged and was going to stay away from this because I did not have a desire to do this," said Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer.

But after receiving some sad news, Chief Dyer reconsidered.

"A couple of weeks ago my wife's uncle was diagnosed with ALS so it hit home with our family," said Chief Dyer.

Some take the splash, while others opt to donate cash.  Dyer is doing both.

"I’ll be writing a check for $150 to ALS because I believe in the cause,” said Chief Dyer.

"For us that's a huge opportunity to have such an important person in the community taking that step in support of people with ALS," said Fred Fisher, President of the ALS Association's Golden West Chapter.

Fred Fisher oversees the ALS Association's Golden West Chapter.  He's grateful for all of the Ice Bucket Challenge's positive publicity.  He says the National ALS Association has raised close to $80 million so far.

"This time last year we had raised maybe $2.9 million," said Fisher.

Chief Dyer is wants the total to grow, so he's issuing a challenge of his own by calling out the 337 other police chiefs across California.

"There's a potential to lose momentum and I believe the more high profile people that do it it sustains that momentum," said Chief Dyer.
Finally, it should be noted Dyer started with his shirt on.  As for why he took it off, he says it was completely an impromptu act.

"A couple of folks said why don't you do it with your shirt off and I said no I wasn't until the time I got up there and said why not do something different.  If I had it to do all over again I would leave the shirt on because it was very, very cold.  In fact I might even do it with a sweatshirt," said Chief Dyer.

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