Former gubernatorial candidate, convicted felon under arrest

Published 08/08 2014 07:15PM

Updated 08/08 2014 07:25PM

A former gubernatorial candidate is under arrest. Investigators say Tye Glenn Champ shot his neighbor and killed his horse then tried to get away.

It happened Thursday in the Fresno County Foothills near Lynx and Gooseberry Lane. Champ ran an unlikely campaign for governor in the June primary. What made his campaign so unorthodox is the fact that he's a felon, convicted of manslaughter and other offenses. Now there's a good chance he'll be headed back to prison.A former candidate for governor is now in custody this is video of him being taken into jail.

He's suspected of shooting a neighbor and his horse during an argument. Former gubernatorial,  convicted felon, Tye Glenn Champ, 48, led Fresno Sheriff's deputies on a chase. Fresno Sheriff Margaret Mims says they got a call of disturbance. Investigators say Champ shot John Price in the stomach during the course of an argument over road work being done near his property.

A Price family friend says the alleged victim's son was picking up grain for his horse and made contact with Champ who was working on an Asphalt Road. He says Champ started the cycle of violence that followed. "The guy had stopped little John and pulled a knife on him, stabbed his tires, he called for his dad John Price," said Vanessa Salvatierra, family friend.

Price quickly made his way to the scene of the confrontation. Another family friend Richard Norman who also lives at the Price residence tells us what happened next. "John was like what's going on and the guy said I'm "expletive" done with and everything else and pulled out a gun and put it up to John and shot him," said Richard Norman, witness and family friend.

The alleged victim and his son ran off investigators say champ continued to fire shots striking and killing price's horse. We sat down with champ before his failed run for governor. He talked about how his experience in prison made him uniquely qualified the job, if convicted of the crimes it's alleged he committed he may find that history will repeat itself.

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