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Published 07/22 2014 10:27PM

Updated 07/22 2014 11:38PM

In an effort to conserve, the city of Fresno is cutting back its outdoor watering schedule for residents.  Beginning August 1st, stage two watering restrictions will go into effect.

What that means is you'll only be allowed to water your yard two times a week rather than three times.  If your address ends in an odd number, your watering days are Tuesday and Saturday  Even numbered addresses are assigned Wednesday and Sunday.  You must water between 7 pm and 6 am.

This is the first time in 20 years the city has asked residents to reduce watering.

It can be tough to accept because lawns and plants mean a lot to people.  They make homes look better and many folks have put big money into their yards.

“I have kids and they want to play in the grass.  They aren't going to play on brown grass.  They want nice grass, that's why we go to the park,” said Roxanna Ramirez, a Fresno resident

Get the most out of your sprinklers is the advice Jon Reelhorn of Belmont Nursery has for homeowners who must adjust to watering less.

“What you need to do is make sure all the water you put on your plants stays in the root zone,” said Jon Reelhorn of Belmont Nursery.

Reelhorn says reset your timer to water more often throughout the night, but in shorter intervals.

“Instead of setting them for 20 minutes, set them for 10 so the water doesn't runoff.  Then have them come on again for 10 minutes, so the water will shrink down into the soil,” said Reelhorn.
He offers up a tip for your trees.  Turn on your garden hose, allow the water to barely drip out and set it next to the trunk.

”You can run it over night.  If it's barely on a trickle that water is not going to runoff and the tree will love that in the morning,” said Reelhorn.

Fresnans have actually done a good job saving water.  Since 2008, consumption has dropped 20%.  However, recent droughts have diminished those accomplishments. 

”Our underground aquifer continues to decline and we do not see any immediate change of that in the immediate future, so as a result of that we feel a stage two is appropriate,” said Fresno City Manager Bruce Rudd.

If city workers catch you wasting water, you will first be issued a warning.  Each time after that is a $45 fine.  The city may turn off your water service after the 5th citation.

The city wants to make sure it's playing by the same rules as you homeowners, so if you see any of their facilities being watered when they're not supposed to, report it by calling 621-CITY (2489).

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