Former deputy police chief, Keith Foster's last night a free man

Former deputy police chief, Keith Foster's last night a free man

FLORENCE, Colorado - Former Fresno Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster is spending his last night a free man. On Saturday, he must surrender to a federal prison in Florence, Colorado where he'll spend up to four years for drug trafficking. 

"It's definitely going to be a miserable experience for him," said legal analyst Charles Magill. 

Magill said Foster will receive protection because of his law enforcement background but will likely still have a job to do, like other inmates. He'll be housed in a medium security prison.

"He's still going to have responsibilities they're going to request him to do, cleaning his room, working in the scullery. It will not be a pleasant experience," said Magill.

Keith Foster's nephew, Aaron Foster said his uncle was on his way to Colorado Friday and seemed at peace going to prison.

"If he was under a lot of stress, he didn't show it," said Aaron Foster. "He's a strong man. He kept saying everything's going to be okay."

Aaron Foster believes his uncle did not get a fair trial and hopes for a new one. 

"We hope people who don't have so much local information will give him a fair shake," said Aaron Foster.

Fresno Police Officers' Association President Damon Kurtz said the department has already moved forward.

"That situation showed that the system works, that people are held accountable. No matter what position you hold, there are repercussions for your actions," said Kurtz.

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