Keith Foster trial resumes Tuesday

Tuesday will be the fifth day of the Keith Foster trial.
The prosecution is expected to bring in people to testify such as Lt. Michael Brogdon, Deputy Chief Pat Farmer, and Dr. Cynthia from the FBI.
Last Friday federal investigators took the stand.
The agents conducted surveillance and served search warrants at the home and car of the former Fresno deputy police chief.
One said he found several guns, $9,000 in cash, and unlabeled prescription pill bottles.
Another said that foster seemed upset immediately after his arrest, but while the testimony might sound incriminating legal analysts say it doesn't necessarily show guilt.
"Those kind of things are explainable and if you can explain a way things that looks bad they lose the taint," says Legal Analyst Charles Magill. 
The former assistant chief of police, was arrested in 2015 on multiple drug charges.  
He is due in court at 9 AM Tuesday.

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