Keith Foster Allegedly Says to Fed Agent: "Family Got Him Into This"

FRESNO, Calif. - Friday marked day four of the Keith Foster drug trafficking trial. Federal investigators took the stand, with one saying the former "second in command" of the Fresno Police Department seemed upset and disgraced in the days after his arrest, two years ago.

One federal agent testified that when he searched Foster's house, he found several guns, $9,000 in cash, unlabeled pill bottles, and an oxycodone bottle prescribed to someone else. The agent said he also found prescription testosterone and syringes in Foster's house. Legal analyst Charles Magill said while these things might look incriminating, jury members could see it a different way.

"Those kind of things are explainable, and if you can explain a way things that looks bad, they lose the taint," stated Magill.

Another federal agent took the stand and told the court he sat next to Foster in a car more than two years ago, when Foster was driven from the Madera correctional facility to his arraignment. FBI Special Agent Daniel Harkness testified that Foster said, "His family got him into this", he "Let his boys down", he "Let his community down", and he "Let Jerry Dyer down". But Magill said these statements do not necessarily equate to an admission of guilt.

He said, "Does that mean I'm criminal? No. All of those people that he was laying off, he's talking about the consequences of the fact that he was arrested."

Magill says those alleged statements Foster made are open to different interpretations.

"It fits right in to saying, 'No, I feel terrible because I was in deep undercover and I didn't let people know, and you've misunderstood, and now all these people that love and respect and honor me are gonna have a different opinion of me'," ended Magill.

Court resumes on Tuesday. Fresno Police Deputy Chief Pat Farmer is expected to testify on behalf of the prosecution.

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