Jury Deliberations Begin in Keith Foster Trial, No Verdict Yet

FRESNO, Calif. - We continue our coverage on the drug trafficking trial of Fresno's former Deputy Police Chief Keith Foster. The jury has begun their deliberations, but they did not come back with a verdict on Friday.

The jury deliberated for almost four hours Friday before the judge released them for the day. Since they couldn't come up with a verdict on Friday, they will continue deliberating on tuesday.

Legal analyst Charles Magill stated, "I would suspect this weekend, um, if he's (foster) a praying man, that he's at church and he's prayin'."

Magill said he can imagine Foster is anxious that the jury has not come back with a verdict yet. Deliberations began Friday morning around 10:15am, and the courtroom closed at 2pm. But Magill believes the continuance to Tuesday could play in Foster's favor.

"I would suspect that that jury is really, really struggling with circumstantial evidence. What that means, and how they're supposed to apply it when you're talking about the law. And they're struggling with the good character evidence that they have on the defendant," said Magill.

The prosecution's argument has been based mostly on circumstantial evidence, like wiretapped phone calls. Foster is accused of conspiring to distribute oxycodone, marijuana, and heroin. But Foster's defense attorney Marshall Hodskins told the jury all the allegations against Foster are out of his character. Hodskins said the only thing Foster is guilty of is trying to help people out.

Magill said, "This is an extremely difficult case, because when you have no physical evidence, which is tangible, something that I can hold on to, something you can hold on to."

The judge told the jurors they are not to speak to anyone about the case over the weekend. In fact, they were told to just put it out of their minds until Tuesday.

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