John Gliatta named head of Office of Independent Review

Fresno Mayhor hires new police auditor

Fresno, Calif. - The Mayor of Fresno is bridging the gap  between the community and the Fresno Police Department.

Not only did he announce the hire for the Office of Independent Review, he also announced who's on the newly formed Public Safety Advisory Board.

The Office of Independent Review used to be out of state, now the new hire, John Gliatta,  not only lives in the city to work more closely with the community and the department, but he also will work with the advisory board.

Gliatta is the man tasked with the job to hold officers accountable and help build trust with the community.

He only answers to the Mayor and City Manager.

"They are not coaching me or telling me what's hands off or make sure that you don't touch this area here or answer it in this fashion, they haven't told me that at all and that's what intrigued me about this position," said Gliatta.

Gliatta's will use his 30 years of law enforcement experience to review officer involved shootings and community complaints amongst many other duties.

"If you have an issue feel free to come forward and we are going to be very receptive of that," said Gliatta.

Gliatta will also work with the Public Safety Advisory Board.

It's nine community members from every district in the city who represent their neighborhoods.

"My ethnic group, sometimes they have concerns and I want to be the voice to go back and inform them," said Monica Diaz, local Business Owner.

"I really respect the fact that Fresno is being progressive and creating this board, especially when you see the community and police at odds with one another," said Clifford Williams, Senior at Fresno State.

Gliatta hopes to fix that with the help of police, the advisory board and the community.

"I'm not here to make friends, i'm not here to make enemies, i'm here to do what's right," said Gliatta.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer was not in town Wednesday so he was unable to comment on the Mayor's announcement.

The President of the Fresno Police Officer Association Damon Kurtz said they did have some concerns but they are in support of the Mayor's effort.

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