It's Official: Grizzly Fest Is Headed To Woodward Park

Residents Express Concerns Over Noise, Security

The Fresno City Council Has voted 5-2 to hold this year's Grizzly Fest music festival at Woodward Park on May 18th and 19th, causing many residents near the park to express concerns about large crowds, security, and noise problems at the otherwise tranquil park.  Controversy has been brewing over a request to hold the festival at the park for weeks.  It has been held downtown at Chukchansi Park for the last three years.  But this year organizers say they wanted to try to make things work in a larger venue in north Fresno.
An often emotional public comment session began at City Hall at 4:30 this afternoon, with some supporting the move to the park, but others, mostly nearby residents, adamantly opposing it. Some say they object to the festival because they believe the festival's biggest name performer, Snoop Dog's lyrics are inappropriate and disparage women.
District 6 City Council Member Garry Bredefeld has been leading the charge to keep the festival in downtown Fresno. He calls the vote "disappointing". " It is disappointing because I think the venue, as much as I support group sky fest it belongs downtown. It has been successful at chukchansi park for 3 years we just opened up the 20 million Fulton street we have hotels."  If the music goes on beyond 11:30 the promoters will pay a heavy price. 
A $1,000 fine will be given for each minute after 11:30 until 11:40.  After that there will be a $10,000 fine for every minute until midnight. After midnight those putting on the festival will be fined $100,000 per minute.
Promoters say they will meet with the Fresno Police Department next week to discuss security.
The city of Fresno will be paid $100,000 for the use of the park.  The only to City Council Members to vote against the venue change were Bredefeld and Steve Brandau.

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