Investigation into Madera County Board headed to CA Attorney General

Madera Co. DA David Linn says case is too big for his office

Madera, California - The Madera County District Attorney is now handing over an investigation into the county's board members to the California Attorney General's Office. This comes after months of infighting between DA David Linn and members of the county board who he's accused of unlawful county business.  

Linn says he believes this investigation will completely change how the county does business. The county board on the other hand says this investigation is a smoke screen for Linn who is facing his own accusations for missteps in the workplace.

In December David Linn announced he was conducting a criminal investigation against all members of the board of supervisors for trading favors with developers for political contributions, questionable contracts with county vendors, and inappropriate spending of county funds.

Linn says the Attorney General's office is better suited than his to handle allegations of this magnitude.

"Don't want to waste any time on this. They are very eager to get to the files. They indicated to me there are a number of attorneys working on the case for the attorney general's office and obviously a lot of investigators working on it. That is a very good thing because as a small county, as a rural county we just don't have the man power to handle an investigation of this size," said Linn. 

The Madera County Board of Supervisors has voted to publicly denounce D-A Linn after allegations of workplace misconduct. Linn says it is retaliation for his investigation. 

All of the files from this investigation are expected to be in the hands of the attorney general's office by the end of the week. 

Members of the board of supervisors say the allegations of wrongdoing on their part are unfounded

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