Injured correctional officer testifies in jail shooting trial

Injured correctional officer testifies in jail shooting trial

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno County Correctional Officer Juanita Davila is seen on surveillance video telling suspect Thong Vang to leave the jail lobby on the morning of September 3, 2016. 

Authorities said Vang had not complied with their instructions. 

"As I was trying to escort him out of the lobby, I didn't see anything in his hands. So, all I heard was what to be a shot," testified Davila Wednesday at the trial.

Video shows people inside the jail lobby ducking and scattering as shots rang out. Officer Davila said she was shot at close range in the neck.

"I was aware, I was shot in the neck," said Davila. "I was losing my hearing. I felt warm blood coming from my neck. So, I knew I had gotten shot in the neck."

At one point, someone is seen pointing a gun over the counter. 

Fresno County sheriff's deputies and Fresno police officers showed up quickly. 

A few minutes after being shot, Davila said the suspected shooter moved behind a door. 

"Next thing I saw, he was on the other side of that door, sticking his hands out like he's giving up," Davila said. 

Officers and deputies are seen on video cautiously moving into the lobby. Deputies and officers pulled the injured correctional officers out of the lobby to go to the hospital.

Fresno County Sheriff Lieutenant Brandon Pursell, Sergeant Arley Terrance and Correctional Officer Michael Porter were honored with the Award of Valor, the highest honor for a law enforcement officer for their heroic actions. 

"They came in in like twos and they went ahead and got to officer Scanlan and went ahead and removed him from that area and escorted him outside to the ambulance," said Davila.

The other injured correctional officer, Toamalama Scanlan will not testify during the trial. He is struggling and unable to walk or eat without a tube. 

Vang's defense lawyer said his client was on meth at the time of the shooting and did not intend to hurt the two correctional officers. 


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