"In God We Trust" Unveiled at Fresno City Council

FRESNO, Calif. - A sign that reads "In God We Trust" was unveiled on Thursday in the Fresno City Council chambers. Last month, the council unanimously voted to put the motto up on the wall. It was a decision that was met with both support and opposition from the public.

Private donors paid for the sign, and no public funds were used.

Stuart Chandler was one of those private donors. He said, "This is great. The city of Fresno needs this. I think it's very encouraging and uplifting."

Chandler said when Councilman Garry Bredefeld approached him a few months ago to financially support the In God We Trust motto, and he said it was a no brainer for him. Bredefeld was the brain child behind adding the motto to council chambers.

"I said if it passes, and you need supporters, let me know. Soon as it passed, he said, you still want to support it? And I said, absolutely, tell me how much to write out and where to send it and you got it done," stated Bredefeld.

Chandler was one of six private donors that helped pay for the nearly $2,000 sign. When council voted last month on whether to put the sign up, dozens of residents approved, but some urged them not to.

"We should not be using in God We Trust because it is a divisive slogan," stated a man who opposed.

Bredefeld stated, "I respect that. Some people don't want to have the motto in the chambers, felt it was divisive. I don't share that view. I think it's actually a unifying message."

He said he was glad when his fellow collegues supported him with a unanimous vote.

"It's about faith, values, and patriotism. That's what our community's about, and that's what this reflects," ended Bredefeld.

The sign was put up by the local company Fast Signs. They said it took them about three weeks to plan, and two hours to install the sign.

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