Iconic Chicken Pie Shop in Tower District up for sale

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno's Tower District might be saying goodbye to a longtime establishment. 

After more than 70 years, the Chicken Pie Shop is up for sale.

Customers said they go to the historic eatery for the comfort food and that decades old recipe.

"This is the only place where we come and have a chicken pie and carrot salad," Rosemarie Carrillo, a long-time customer, said.

Now after 70 years, the owner Gary Ross, is selling the Chicken Pie Shop for $150,000.

But employees said no one really knows why.

"We know the customers, we have a good following, all he's told me is that he doesn't want to talk about it, he doesn't want people talking about it," Jerry Lopez, manager of the Chicken Pie Shop, said.

Lopez said there's a total of 14 employees, some have been there for 20 years. Lopez, nearly 40.

"We're hoping who ever buys it, will pick some of us up," she said.

Lopez said the building itself though is not for sale. Right now it belongs to two attorney's and they pie shop pays rent.

So, what does the price include?

From what the manager understands, the price includes the name, all of the décor and fixtures, even the recipe to their famous "Chicken Pot Pie".

"Everybody likes them, we sell a lot of them," Lopez said.

While there's no official closing date, customers like John Ellis said, "If it does go, it's a sad thing because it's good food and prices."

For now Lopez said the owner Gary told her the decision to sell is still up in the air.

"This place has been here since forever and if he does, it'll break my heart," she said.

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