"I had been betrayed" said Chief Jerry Dyer about Foster's Arrest

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer testified in federal court on Wednesday and said he felt betrayed when he found out his former Deputy Chief Keith Foster had been arrested on drug trafficking charges.

It was certainly the testimony we had all been waiting for. Dyer said Foster never had any disciplinary actions at work, there was never any ethical problems with him, and he never had any reason to not trust him. Dyer had made foster an administrative lieutenant, promoted him to captain and then Deputy Chief, and said he deserved to be Deputy Chief. Dyer said he had no idea the FBI was investigating Foster. He said when Foster was arrested on March 26, 2015, the FBI briefed him on the evidence against Foster, and it caused him to feel hurt emotionally.

"Now whether the allegations turn out to be true or not, the fact is that this investigation occurred, and Keith was arrested. And as a result of that, I felt a sense of betrayal," stated Dyer as he left federal court on Wednesday.

Legal analyst Charles Magill said, "I think it might have been very tactically decided to throw that in front of the jury this was deep undercover to explain why the audio tapes reflected what they did. But in reality, it was just a ploy to get the government to chase their tale."

Dyer said he hasn't spoken to Foster since the day he was arrested, and that is his own personal choice to not be in contact with him. We asked Dyer if he thinks Foster is guilty, and he said a jury is going to have to decide that.

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