Hundreds of Animals Still Recovering After Being Found in Fresno Moving Truck

FRESNO, Calif. -- Nearly 1,000 animals are still being cared for after being found in an old moving truck in South West Fresno on Friday.

Fresno Humane Animal services officials said many of the animals are recovering but some may have a long road ahead.

Kendyll Lyons, a kennel worker at Fresno Animal Humane Services has been working long hours to make sure the hundreds of birds, bunnies, quail and others at Fresno Humane Animal Services survive.

"We have had the occasional bunny, the occasional rabbit but never anything like this," said Lyons, kennel worker, fresno humane animal services. 

On Friday, Fresno Humane Animal Service employees said they recovered 955 animals from a moving truck in Southwest Fresno.

"It was 107 degrees inside when we got there and certainly that is not as hot as it has been. Thank goodness for that," said Brenda Mitchell, Fresno Humane Animal Services Board President.
The animals were transferred to Fresno Humane Animal Services' air conditioned warehouse, where they have been closely monitored.
But, even with the care from animal experts, officials said 10 have died since Friday.

"I don't know if it is related to those conditions but certainly their age and the fact that they are fragile little creatures," said Mitchell.

Officials said they could lose even more animals. Many of the birds have injuries, feather loss and officials said many of the rabbits are too young to be without their mothers.
"I would be very surprised if some of the little rabbits made it," said Lyons. 
The workers said they will continue taking care of each one until they are fully recovered.

Officials said when their investigation is complete they will start finding homes for all of these animals.


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