Huerta to hone message for second run at Valadao

Democrat running for Congress again despite big loss in November

FRESNO, Calif. - It's been six months since Emilio Huerta came up short on election day against Congressman David Valadao.  But Huerta is back for more, challenging Valadao again in the 2018 midterm. 

And he says he has no plans to lose twice.

"I lost because there was lies and deceptions," he says.  "About me personally, and about my campaign." 

Both Huerta and Valadao took issue with attack ads last fall.  Huerta believes they hurt him on election day in November, where he lost to the incumbent Republican by 13 points. 

"To have me chasing a woman with a chainsaw, trying to steal her property," Huerta says.  "That was flat out false."

Huerta says he's running again, in part, because of Valadao's vote to repeal Obamacare.

"In the 21st congressional district alone, we're talking 20-30,000 jobs lost," Huerta says.

Last fall, Huerta tried to attach the congressman to then-candidate Donald Trump.

In the rematch, Huerta will attach Valadao to President Trump's policies-- from healthcare, to the environment, to immigration.

"Instead of talking about immigration reform this year, they're talking about bringing in guest workers,"  Huerta says.  "Those guest workers are not going to invest money here in the valley.  They're not going to buy homes.  They're not going to buy appliances.  They're not going to pay taxes."

The midterm isn't until 2018.

Huerta says he's jumping in early because last time he thinks he got in too late.

He says it made it tough to reach the voters and raise enough money to compete against a multi-term congressman like Valadao.

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