Hostage taker in Riverside school standoff has died

RIVERSIDE, California - Police say the suspect involved in a hostage situation at an elementary school in Riverside has died. Officials say he died in the hospital from a gun shot wound. 

"The decision was made for the safety of the victim to enter that room and rescue her and unfortunately an officer involved shooting did occur, but we were able to rescue the victim," stated Officer Ryan Railsback.

After a 7 hour standoff, police entered the elementary school and shot the man. 
Police say the man was a parent of the school. Early this afternoon, he entered Castle View Elementary School punched a teacher and then barricaded himself in a classroom with another teacher.

The school was initially put on lockdown, and then evacuated, with students and staff being taken to a nearby park. The standoff continued until shortly before 6p.m., when police fired flash-bang grenades into the classroom and charged inside, shooting the suspect. 

Both the suspect and the teacher were taken to the hospital. The teacher, Linda Montgomery who teaches 1st grade, suffered no injuries but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.  

Witnesses say the man became agitated after he refused to sign in at the school administrative office. He then punched a male staff member who was taken to the hospital.
Witnesses say the teacher that was punched appeared to have a bloody or broken nose. No students were injured.

"Safety is our number one priority, and in this case because of the quick work and collaboration of our first responders and ISD staff, all students and now all staff accounted for and our safe," said Superintendent Dr. David Hansen.

Family members of the suspect say he has a daughter in first grade at the school and he had some kind of breakdown this morning. It is still unknown if he was armed. 

School officials have decided to cancel school for the remainder of the week.

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