Honey oil lab busted as suspect was making the drug

Police say the suspect admitted there was a drug lab in the house

Fresno police busted a honey oil lab. And say the suspect admitted to what was going on there.
The lab was located at Dennett and Fruit Avenue, northeast of Roeding Park.
Police say a man was actually making honey oil when officers arrived.
It was a call from a citizen that brought police to this home. The person thought someone was making meth or honey oil inside.
When our camera arrived, a man sat hand-cuffed on the front porch.
Police say 25-year-old Michael Verdugo was renting the home and admitted he had a honey oil lab.
"Actually admitted to officers that he had a honey oil lab and that he was in the process of making honey oil as we were on scene," Sgt. Tim Tietjen with the Fresno Police Department said.
Sgt. Tietjen says as the drug was being made, there were children nearby playing in a pool.
So the suspect, Verdugo, will be charged with child endangerment, in addition to the honey oil lab.
"We're glad that we caught this early and we're able to deal with this before it became a danger to the kids and the neighborhood," Sgt. Tietjen said.
The fire department was called to be on stand-by because honey oil labs can easily catch fire or end in explosions.
Investigators praised the person who called in the tip to police about the lab. And they asked others to do the same if they see or smell something suspicious.
"The things you're looking for, the smell, you're looking for people in and out, some of the common things, chemical odor that kind of thing," Sgt. Tietjen said.
Verdugo was booked into the Fresno County jail tonight on drug and child endangerment charges.

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