Home invasion suspects tried to impersonate officers

Police say the couple was wearing tactical gear & claimed to be federal officers

We're learning more about a man and woman accused of impersonating federal officers during an attempted home invasion robbery.
police were called to an apartment near Huntington and Clovis Avenues on Sunday afternoon by a neighbor who intervened to try and stop the suspects.
This neighborhood on Waverly avenue is where Fresno police say James Lasek and Lindsey Winter tried to rob people inside an apartment.
Investigators say the two had guns, and were wearing tactical vests and ski masks.
"They'd gone to one specific apartment apartment, started kicking on the front door trying to get into it, yelling that they were federal agents, under cover, demanding entry into the apartment," said Lt. Carl McKnight with the Fresno Police Department.
No one was home at the apartment. But a neighbor heard the commotion and confronted them.
"At one point the witness said they were yelling, turning their head over their shoulder, and yelling for backup. And the guy actually laughed at them and said, 'You don't even have a radio'," McKnight said.
Police say Lasek and Winter pointed their guns at the neighbor then ran to their car.
"As they were getting ready to leave the neighbor ran up and ripped off the rear license plate to the vehicle and subsequently called 9-1-1," McKnight said.
While police were at the apartment complex they say Lasek and Winter called to report their car had been stolen. But officers realized it matched the license plate and description of the car used in the attempted home invasion and arrested the pair.
Officers searched several spots in Clovis and found the clothing and weapons used in the attempted home invasion. They also found two assault-style weapons.
"These weren't probably the brightest criminals in the world. They're probably the last people in the world that should touch a firearm," McKnight said.
Police say if you think someone is impersonating a police officer, call 9-1-1 immediately. That operator can tell you whether police are in the area and whether the person at your door... or car... is a legitimate officer.

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