Why marriages fail

Published 06/11 2014 02:26PM

Updated 06/11 2014 02:26PM

Successful marriages take a great deal of work and compromise. Marriages that fail during the first few years frequently occur because the two parties cannot make the compromises that are necessary when two separate people begin to live their lives together. The stress that children bring to a relationship can also begin a breakdown in communication that can lead to divorce. A couple may find themselves going to work and tending to the children's needs, but neglecting each other. For some couples, the time after children leave home can be traumatic and lead to divorce. The couple may find their interests diverging and have to work hard at finding common interests and ways to enjoy themselves as a couple. Money, sex, and power have traditionally been major problem areas for marriages. In addition to these traditional struggles, marriage counselors are finding that communication loss, role conflict, lack of loving emotions, and unrealistic expectations are playing a bigger role in marriage deterioration. For more information on why marriages fail, consult a counseling professional.

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