Published 06/11 2014 02:28PM

Updated 06/11 2014 02:28PM

Each year one million teens leave home without permission. Runaways come from every social class, race, and religion. Typically, a teen runs away after a heated argument at home and stays with a friend close by for a day or two before returning home. Teens that repeatedly run away from home tend to stay away longer and usually have no plan of where to go. According to the Runaway Hotline, nine out of ten teenagers return home or are returned to their home by the police within a month. There are many dangers involved in running away. Alone in a strange city or on the highway, a teen is an easy target for thieves, pimps, drug pushers, and other violent criminals. The problems at home are replaced by more serious and more dangerous problems on the street. Most cities have shelters where teens can stay for a few days or weeks until things cool off at home. Going to a relative's home is also a safe alternative. For more information on runaways or where to go if you have run away from home, contact a professional counselor or call the Runaway Hotline at 1-800-392-3352.

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