Hair transplants

Published 06/11 2014 02:26PM

Updated 06/11 2014 02:26PM

Hair transplantation for both women and men is a surgical technique for hair restoration. While it can't restore the thickness of your hair that you had as a youth, it can create a natural-looking head of hair, depending on the extent of your baldness. Some factors that determine whether you're a good candidate for a transplant include the number of grafts necessary to produce the results you desire, the availability and density of your remaining hair, and your hair color, skin color, hair texture, and potential future hair loss. In a hair transplant, a strip of your scalp where your hair is still growing, is surgically removed, and the gap is sutured shut. The strip, which may contain thousands of hairs, is divided into individual grafts, which are implanted into the balding area. The surgery usually takes three to four hours at an outpatient facility, and you can go home afterwards. The doctor removes the bandages the following day. Some post-operative care is required for the first few weeks, including cleansing routines, limited physical activity, and the use of anti-swelling medication. You should notice your transplanted hair growing in one to three months. The number of grafts you need to undergo depends on how much hair you've lost and how much you want restored. You may require more than one surgical treatment. The newest surgical techniques use laser technology, which has several advantages. The surgery takes less time than conventional surgery, and the laser beam can narrowly focus to the width of a single hair. Remember that all surgeries can have complications, so contact a health care professional for more information.

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