Choosing a family doctor

Published 06/11 2014 02:26PM

Updated 06/11 2014 02:26PM

A family doctor is a doctor who can provide general health care on a regular basis to all the members of a family. The term often refers to a general practitioner, but there is also a branch of medicine known as family practice. Specialists in this field have advanced training in family medicine including obstetrics and pediatrics and, like a general practitioner, they can provide annual checkups as well as address most medical injuries or problems. Specialists in internal medicine also function as primary care physicians for the adult members of the family. Choosing a family doctor can be difficult, but it is a good idea to first get advice from friends and co-workers. Physician referral services can also provide useful information. These services offer information on doctors' qualifications, credentials, and financial arrangements, as well as their age and sex, their office hours and location, and their years of experience. Any hospital or insurance affiliation information can also be provided. Contact a local physician referral service for more information on how it can help you choose a family doctor.

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