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Published 06/11 2014 02:27PM

Updated 06/11 2014 02:27PM

When a person donates his or her organs or tissues for transplantation, that person is offering a gift to many people in great need. There is no charge for organ or tissue removal for transplantation. Any of the medical costs related to organ and tissue donation are paid by the organization which arranges for the transplantation. The donor's family will not receive payment for the organs or tissues nor will they or the donor's insurance company be billed for the procedure. The family will still be responsible, however, for the medical expense related to the hospitalization. Recipients are selected on the basis of the best medical match and the most critical need. Race, sex, and financial status do not influence who receives the organ or tissue for transplantation. Great effort is taken to insure that organ and tissue removal will not interfere with any funeral arrangements. The donor is treated with respect and dignity at all times. For more information, contact your local organ donation center.

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