Hanford paves way for 3 marijuana operations to set up shop

Hanford prepared to award commercial cannabis permits

Hanford, Calif. - Three businesses who plan to begin marijuana operations in Hanford are one step closer. Hanford is set to award commercial cannabis permits to the trio of companies who are all from outside of the Central Valley. The decision is all a part of California's movement to legalize marijuana at the start of 2018.

Hanford's city leaders paved the way for three marijuana businesses to set up shop in their city. The hope is legal marijuana will bring money and jobs to Hanford for years to come.

Come January 1st recreational marijuana will be legal in California. In Hanford, city leaders want to be at the forefront of the industry. Three businesses are now set to receive commercial cannabis permits for marijuana operations in the city.

"Instead of going to the tax payers constantly for new sales tax, property taxes, we're actually going to bring in a new source of revenue to help improve our services," said Hanford Mayor David Ayers.

The three businesses will be taxed by the city and located close to one another in an industrial zone.

Caliva plans to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute marijuana at a 350,000 square foot facility spanning 47 acres.

Premium Extracts plans to manufacture marijuana products working in a 6,600 square foot building.

Genezen plans to cultivate, manufacture, and distribute marijuana at a 50 acre campus like facility and aims to add a thousand new jobs. 

"We're hoping the work we're doing here is going to spur retail development, residential development, commercial development All those things all the way around," said Genezen spokesperson Randi Knott.

Hanford's police chief was part of the process to vet these companies and says Hanford PD will be ready for any problems.

"Hopefully this will give him the resources to help combat that," said Ayers. 

The commercial cannabis permits will officially be awarded at a special meeting on November 21st. After that the businesses will have to acquire a conditional use permit where they will be further vetted by city officials. 

Ultimately voters will determine how much the marijuana operations are taxed in Hanford. 

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