Grizzly Fest to move to Woodward Park

In a 5-2 vote City Council approves move from Chukchansi Park

FRESNO, Calif. - In a 5-2 vote Thursday City Council approved the motion to move Grizzly Fest from Chukchansi Park to Woodward Park.

The two day music festival has been held at Chukchansi Park the past three years. This year it's expected to bring over 20,000 people. 

Promoters of the two day music festival asked the city to relocate from Chukchansi to Woodward park. Cty council member Garry Bredefeld doesn't want it in his district.

"The venue belongs downtown. We have a new $20-million Fulton St., we have Tioga Sequoia Brewing Company, we have two highways down there, and hotels down there. I think it would be a beautiful event downtown," he said.

Bredefeld said the logistics don't make sense and disruption to neighborhoods around the park is inevitable. 

"This is about traffic, about noise, about security, about congestion, and whether Woodward Park is an appropriate venue for 20,000 people to come for a music festival," he said.

Aurora Ortiz's restaurant sits across the street from the park. She said business relies on large events like Grizzly Fest.

"It's a good idea. Every time there's an event at the park it gives us a really good experience. We get a lot of customers trying food and drink at the bar," she said.

Ortiz said that though the festival may bring a young and loud crowd it's beneficial.

"They should try something different. Here at the park there is plenty of room and parking. That would be a good experience to have it here," said Ortiz. 

If the concert goes after 11:30pm it will be facing major penalties:

- 11:30-11:40, $1,000 an hour

- 11:40-Midnight, $10,000 an hour

- After Midnight, $100,000 an hour


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