Gangs fight over Southeast Fresno street, Fresno police fight back

FRESNO, Calif. - Fresno Police making five felony arrests in just two days, in a neighborhood where they say, crime has been on the rise. Most of it gang related.

Since November 26th alone, there have been at least two shootings on Normal avenue. 

Officials confirm there have been four to five shootings there in the last 30 days. Police started a gang operation in the area several weeks back, also beefing up patrol.

Those we talked with would not even let us record their voices, out of fear.


Driving Normal avenue in Southeast Fresno, you may not feel the signs of gang violence, until you step out of the car.

"Kind of like cats and dogs fighting," Fresno Police Lt. Carl McKnight told us on scene of a shooting, back on December 10th. "So, we try to prevent it as much as we can, but we can't be everywhere at every second."

A memorial marks the site of another shooting, which happened just two weeks back.

Neighbor after neighbor telling us, they're afraid, too scared to speak to us even if we promised not to show their face and to alter their voice.

"The majority of the people living in the Mayfair, are good people, they're hard-working individuals, that are obeying laws, raising families, trying to live their life in peace," Fresno Police Lt. Steve Card said. "And it only takes a few individuals to wreak havoc."

The crime surge so bad, police pulling out all the stops.

"In the last two days, we've made five felony arrests, specifically there in the Mayfair and in the surrounding areas," Card said.

Including these three men, identified by authorities.

This man, Bobby Gonzalez, arrested and charged for the shooting here on Normal and Mayfair avenues back on December 10th.

Police confirm Gonzalez is a Bulldog gang member.

Card telling us, the department is also bringing in special teams, like MAGEC, and increasing patrols. All to identify the problem, at its source.

"We're putting a lot of resources and attention into the Mayfair area to address these issues," Card said. "And we want to let the community know that we are out, we are out in force and we are there for them and addressing the issues accordingly."

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