FUSD unveils Dream center; Students cancel walkout to help

FRESNO, Calif. - The Fresno Unified School District is unveiling a new DACA resource center Wednesday and it's already paying off, by preventing a student walkout at Edison High School.

Students used Twitter to rally support for the DACA program which protects undocumented immigrants working and studying in the U.S. 

Word spread fast with dozens of students ready to march against President Trump's decision to repeal

"I decided you know, why not do a walk out," said Nancy Zermano, a student at Edison.

"I have to do something i can't just sit here and not do anything," said Erika Banuelos, also a student at Edison.

The two are typical seventeen year olds, daughters of Mexican immigrants and both were motivated to send a message.

"It's not just affecting immigrants, it's affecting everybody as a whole," said Zermano.

It was a message the Fresno school board heard loud and clear and whole heartedly agreed with.

"They needed to do something besides express condolences and advocacy," said Miguel Arias with the Fresno Unified School District.

He said the district joined forces with the teens to welcome the Dream Resource Center to the Manchester Mall.

The district pushed up the center's opening to provide crucial services.

"This is going to be a location where our communities will be able to take esl courses, citizenship courses," said Arias.

"There will be services here where you can talk to attorney's that are doing pro-bono services," said Banuelos.

DACA recipients can also receive access to renewal applications and meet with professionals who can provide guidance.

For the girls, it's a worthwhile cause that inspired them to spread the word in a different way.

"This is a safe place for you. a place where you can get informed. a place where you can be yourself. Where you can identify, proudly identify as undocumented," said Zermano.

Zermano and Banuelos' rally cry is one the district is proud to support.

"We're going to go above and beyond to make sure that every student receives every support available to them," said Arias.

The two students will speak at the center's unveiling at the Manchester Mall at 11:30 AM Wednesday.
They plan to also voice their support for DACA and the new center at Wednesday's school board meeting.

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