FUSD approves "Safe Place Resolution"

District vows to protect undocumented students

Fresno, Calif. - The Fresno Unified School District board voted unanimously to approve a resolution to reassure undocumented students and their families Fresno Unified will protect them as much as they can within the law. When the resolution was passed people cheered saying this action by Fresno Unified addresses both bullying and the fear of deportation for undocumented students.      

"The district will not enter into agreements with state, or local law enforcement, or ICE, or any other federal agency for the enforcement of federal immigration law except as required by law," FUSD board member Claudia Cazares read.

Agreeing to protect undocumented students to the fullest extent of the law Fresno Unified took action in front of a standing room only crowd voting unanimously to pass the "Safe Place Resolution". The resolution offers peace of mind to undocumented students who fear the threat of deportation fueled by executive orders from the trump administration.

"We had many students that were concerned that ICE was going to come and remove them from the campus and that's something that is not going to take place. We don't work with them in that manner," said FUSD board member Christopher De La Cerda. 

"People look to us. Our students look to us. Our community looks to us as adults to as decision makers and to let them know that we understand where they are coming from and that we care," said FUSD board member Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas.

Fresno Unified does still have to obey federal law, but students at Fresno Unified campuses expect an immediate impact knowing school board leaders support all students.

"I come from a first generation family so I'm definitely trying to pursue a higher education which is the whole point why I'm here is because I want people to feel safe and I want to feel safe and be able to focus on whatever I aspire to do," said Kathia Osuna, a sophomore at Edison High School. 

School board leaders say they will lean on community organizations to help implement the new resolution and some Fresno Unified employees will be trained to better address the concerns of undocumented students and their families.

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