Fundraiser held for Valley firefighter battling rare form of cancer

CLOVIS, Calif. - Lunch hour at Firehouse Subs in Clovis is usually a busy time for workers.

While Saturday was no exception, the sandwiches made had a little more meaning behind them. Because for every sale, 30 percent of the proceeds are going to help a Valley firefighter battling a rare form of cancer.

The community pulled together to show support. Firehouse Subs said the fundraiser is more than just serving sandwiches and raising money, they said it's about showing support to a local hero and letting him know he's not alone.

Dozens gathered to eat and spend some time at Firehouse Subs in Clovis, all to help raise money for a Kings County firefighter, fighting the ultimate battle.

"About December I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer," Keith Hernandez, firefighter battling cancer, said.

Hernandez, 29, a Kings County firefighter of five years and Clovis East alum, said the diagnosis took his family and friends all by surprise.

He said he only went in to see his doctor for shortness of breath.

"They found a tumor in my chest and it's called Rhabdomyosarcoma, it's a soft tissue cancer and it's metastasized into my lungs as well," Hernandez said.

But Hernandez is not letting this fight knock him down. Many throughout the Valley have rallied together to help support him and his family in their time of need.

"With what he's going through with cancer and what he's fighting right now to save his life we wanted to do something for him and his family," Eric Caldwell, owner of Fresno and Clovis Firehouse Subs, said.

Why firehouse subs?

The sandwich shop was started by firefighters. Their mission, to help local first responders around the country.

A force of brotherhood letting Hernandez know he's not battling this fire alone.

"He has a long road of recovery and we just want to be there to support him, financially and moral support," Jared Soares, a Kings County Fire Department,said.

Hernandez said he's forever grateful.

"It means the world for people to reach out and so my biggest thing is to say thank you to everybody," Hernandez said.

If you'd like to help Hernandez, you can donate to his go fund me account at

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