Friends mourn loss of tow truck driver killed on Highway 99

FRESNO, Calif. - Family and friends are mourning the loss of Baudelio Perez, 58, owner of Angelo's Towing.

Perez is the tow truck driver who was struck and killed by a driver while responding to a service call Monday night. It happened just before 10 p.m. in the area of Jensen and Highway 99. Perez was hit while loading the vehicle onto his tow truck.

Baudelio friend said he had a great smile and he was always there to support and lend a hand.

"It's, you know, it's hard," said Miiguel Valdovinos, friend.

Valdovinos still in shock over the loss of a family friend he's known for more than 20 years.

"I just couldn't believe it was him, I didn't want to believe it," said Valdovinos.

California Highway Patrol said Perez responded to a stranded motorist with a flat tire, that was on the right shoulder, near Southbound 41 on the transition to Southbound 99.

CHP said Perez had the flat bed already down at an angle and pulling the vehicle on the back of the tow truck when a female driver hit the tow truck, killing him.

"As far as we know at this point, drugs or alcohol are not a factor, the party did stop, they did provide all the proper information," said Brad Simpson, California Highway Patrol.

A tragic accident Valdovinos said that is always a fear in this industry.

"There's always a danger, doesn't matter if it's on a highway or simple road, it does scare you," said Valdovinos.

Valdovinos said Perez was a true friend and family man who will be missed.

"When you're in the same industry you take care of each other, as well as he did, he took care of everyone else," said Valdovinos.

The names of the others involved in the accident have not been released.

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