Fresno's First Homicide Victim is a Teen

FRESNO, Calif. - It was a violent weekend in Fresno. There was one shooting on Friday night, and six shootings on Sunday, including one in a county island. One of the shootings from Sunday was fatal, taking the life of 17-year old Adalberto Ocampo. Fresno Police said the teen was expected to graduate from Cambridge High School this summer.

Police Chief Jerry Dyer said he does not believe any of Sunday's shootings were connected. He said the one thing in common, however, is many of the victims in the shootings are not being cooperative or forth coming with information, which leads police to believe they can be gang related.

Friday night's shooting took place near Spruce and Millbrook. Police said a couple were shot in their home, likely the result of a robbery for marijuana. Dyer said 32-year old Michelle Aguilera remains in critical condition, and 26-year old Joseph Segura is in stable condition.

"Our investigators did locate marijuana inside of the residence. In fact, they located a broken up styrofoam ice chest that we believe contained a significant amount of marijuana and that marijuana is now missing," stated Dyer at a press conference on Monday.

The first shooting on Sunday occurred right after midnight, according to police. That happened at Cedar and Olive. The second shooting was at Peach and Jensen, and the third was just up the street at Peach and Olive. It was at this location where police say a 33-year old special needs man was shot in the leg as he was sitting a bus stop. The fourth shooting happened near San Pablo and McKenzie, and the final shooting occurred near California and Elm. It was at that location where police said Ocampo was gunned down by four Hispanic men driving in a car.

Dyer said, "At least one of those males had a bandana on his face, and question was asked of the victim, 'What do you bang?' The reply was, I don't, I'm not part of a gang."

Dyer said the suspects shot Ocampo anyway before driving off. No suspects have been identified. The teen was pronounced dead at Community Regional Medical Center.

The Chief said the violence needs to stop, particularly in the southeast, southwest, and central parts of Fresno. He blames a majority of the crime to feuding gangs, but unfortunately many of the victims are purely innocent.

"We made the determination to add additional tactical resources to our special response team, and to decentralize them and place them into those three policing districts," ended Dyer.

You may recall we had several shootings on New Year's Day, but Dyer said none of the shootings from Sunday are related to last Monday's.

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