Fresno Unified unanimously votes to replace board president Brooke Ashjian

FRESNO, California - The Fresno Unified Board of Education has a new president.

At a meeting tonight board members unanimously voted to confirm Elizabeth Jonasson Rosas as new board president, replacing former board president Brooke Ashjian. 

District employees say this is a routine procedure, however Ashjian's year ended in controversy. 

The nation's largest LGBTQ advocacy group even called for Ashjian to step down, at one point. 

Ashjian has been the focus of public comment for the past few months, most using the time, during meetings, to express anger toward or support for Ashjian. 

The controversy comes from comments attributed to Ashjian in a Fresno Bee article; comments that focused on LGBTQ education in sex ed curriculum, which Ashjian voted for. 

Rosas steps in now at what is described as a tense time between the district and Fresno Teachers Union. 

Both are awaiting the results of a fact-finding report, which will come out January 18th. 

Board member Valerie Davis was confirmed as clerk, the only trustee who voted no, was Ashjian. 

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