Fresno Unified School District could face a possible teacher strike

FRESNO, California - A big vote expected at tonights Fresno Unified School Board meeting, to confirm a new boss. 

Tonight, the board will vote on a contract for superintendent finalist Bob Nelson, who's been serving as interim superintendent. 

This isn't the only big item that could come up in the meeting, especially after the last two have been tense to say the least. Recently, board president Brooke Ashjian has become the focus at these meeting, but under all of that, the district could be facing a teacher strike. 

The district and almost 4,000 member teacher union have been in mediation, and contract talks for more than a year.  On October 3rd, the Fresno Teachers Association, the union, will have a strike vote. 

After that comes a fact grinding period, orchestrated by a third party. Both sides could still come back to the table at that point. If not, a strike will happen. Union reps say, right now, their members seem willing.

"The teachers do not want a strike, but we want smaller class sizes, we want safety and discipline policies we can work with, we want these issues, we're also very worried, this district is having trouble attracting teachers. We have all these openings, we have all these teachers without credentials, it does not make sense, Fresno Unified could do a much better job at that," said Jon Bath with the Fresno Teachers Association.

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