Fresno teen killed in drive-by, family owns nonprofit against senseless acts of violence

FRESNO, California - Police are investigating the murder of 18-year-old high school senior Kayla Foster who was shot and killed at Bardell and Lorena early Monday morning in southwest Fresno. 

Foster's entire family was in tears and barely able to move just hours after they found out she died. Her mother, Sungaya Roberts, said she doesn't understand why this happened.

"My baby was a loving beautiful baby. She didn't do anything no nobody. All she did was smile. She was a good girl. No drugs, no nothing. My baby was a good baby. Why do you keep doing this to our community? Just stop!," she said.

Police said Foster was outside of a car with a 17-year-old man who was also shot around 2:00 AM. He was released from the hospital later Monday morning. 

Police also said the area has had gang problems in the past, but right now investigators have no evidence to suggest the teenagers were targeted. No suspects have been named.

"It's a drive by shooting that produced tragic results,"  said Fresno Police Sergeant Pete Boyer.

Foster's Grandmother Cheryl Sumler and Great Aunt Janice Sumler own a nonprofit working to fight against senseless acts of violence, the very act foster became a victim of.

"And now I got to go burry my baby. I just can't believe this," said Cheryl.

The family of advocates now demands answers and are calling for help.

"I don't understand what's going on. Everybody wants to turn their cheek. You got my baby too. My own grandbaby that didn't do anything to anyone," said Cheryl.

"We need to do something. To rally, to come together. We need to make change in our community and it's not just in southwest Fresno, but that's where we are at," said Janice.

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