Fresno State Students Attend Sexual Harassment Panel Inspired by "Me Too" Movement


FRESNO, Calif. -- Fresno State students gathered in Alice Peters auditorium to learn more about sexual harassment.

They met there for the "Me Too movement: Sexual Harassment and Professional Life.

"I think it is really important women can open up about things that have happened to them," said a Fresno State Student.
"It happens to everyone and with this Me Too movement, we are now at least acknowledging it," said one panelist.

Lizett Sanchez, a student sitting in the audience came because the movement has raised some questions for her.

"Now it is scarier you need to be more protective," said Lizette Sanches, Fresno State Student.

She wanted to learn more on how to handle sexual harassment in case it ever happened to her or her friends.

"It is good to have awareness," said Sanches.
The panelists included a Fresno State Broadcast Journalism professor, Political Science professor, Women studies proffesor, a lawyer and others.

Some of the panelists defined what sexual harrasment is so students know what to look out for whie other broke down the movement and explained how it is helping.

"For the first time in our Country's history, in 2017 women are reporting a higher political attentiveness than men," said a panel member.

The panelists goal was to empower the young men and women in the room.
"Empower yourself within knowledge of the law and other routes than what your employer gives you," said Kathryn Forbes, Women's Studies Professor.


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