Fresno State lecturer issues apology for tweets

Fresno, Calif. - Two tweets launching thousands of conversations, sent out by Fresno State lecturer Lars Maischak, aimed, at United States President Donald Trump.

Maischak now apologizing for the words and deleting his account, saying in an email to us, "With 28 followers on Twitter at the time, I never expected them to be read by anyone but a close circle of acquaintances who would know to place them in their context.

"To treat twitter as of no more consequence than a journal was a poor decision."

This past weekend, those words reached the head of the University, and then some.

"I'm appreciative of the apology, I think it's a very good step," Fresno State President Dr. Joseph Castro said. "At the same time, the comments were so serious, that, they deserve to be reviewed in a larger context."

Castro tells us, Fresno State's been working not only with federal agencies, but Maischak himself, who reportedly left town, fearing for his safety.

Castro says, Maischak was hired in 2006 as a lecturer, and is not tenured.

Castro also says, Maischak has residency in the U.S. and was born in Germany.

Something Maischak first referenced in an email to us Monday, then defending his statement "Trump must hang," saying in part, "My assessment at that time was based on Mr. Trump's then-recent characterization of the press as the 'enemies of the people,' language that suggests he was consciously embracing authoritarian models.

"Given that turn of events, Mr. Trump could be reasonably seen as a threat to democracy."

Some in the community have voiced threats to pull support from the university, including Fresno State football games.

Castro says, he's personally read the tweets, and the emails, promising the school, is cooperating with law enforcement.

"I apologize for what has transpired in this situation, but I want folks to know, that we'll do the right thing and were going to move forward, and continue educating that next generation of leaders that our country really needs," Castro said.

We have been in communication with Maischak through email. He says, he has received threats, he's fearful for his safety and has been communicating with the Fresno Police Department. 

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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