Fresno State groper appears in court

Attorney wants new trial

FRESNO, California - Sentencing for Deandre Jean-Pierre was delayed after his attorney says he has new evidence that would make it impossible for his client to be guilty. Now he wants a new trial. 

"I feel the verdict was incorrect," said Jean-Pierrre's attorney Franz Criego. 

Attorney Franz Criego says his client Deandre Jean-Pierre is innocent. 

Jean-Pierre was accused in a series of sexual assaults but was only found guilty of two counts of sexual battery.  Court documents show Jean-Pierre, who is a former Fresno State student and mascot at the university, groped several women last year near campus. 

He was due to be sentenced Wednesday, but that all changed after his attorney showed up to court. 

"I filed a motion for a new trial not withstanding the verdict," stated Criego. 

He says there is evidence that would make it difficult for Jean-Pierre to have been in Fresno the night of the attacks back in October 2016.

Criego says he now has parking tickets proving Jean-Peirre left a Sacramento hotel at 3 pm that day. And says a picture has been discovered showing he was in Stockton around 5 pm....and says there is photo data to prove that. He says it would be impossible for his client to have been in Fresno at 7 and 8 pm when the attacks happened.  

"He could still could not get to Fresno by 8 o'clock it just isn't him."

His attorney says clothing in the photos and hair description also does not match those provided by the victims. 

The evidence and request for a trial will be reviewed. The district attorney's office will have time to respond before the next court date.

"Next is to come back to see if the court will make a ruling on behalf of Jean-Pierre."

At first glance the judge says it doesn't seem there is enough evidence for a new trial, but will allow for the review.

Right now Jean-Pierre remains in custody, if the request is denied he will then be sentenced. 

He will be back in court on September 28th. 


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