Fresno State College Republicans hold vigil for late Barbara Bush, in response to Jarrar tweets

"There are conservative voices on campus"

FRESNO, Calif. - Hands shrouding burning flames on the Fresno State campus Wednesday night. Students, community taking a silent stand, one day before a much-larger open forum, set to take place at the Save Mart Center.

"I think it's important that we make sure that all voices are heard, and it's important that my voice is, just as much as, some professors that like to speak out in ways that don't necessarily seem appropriate at certain times," Liberal Arts major Kaitlyn Scott said, referring to recent tweets made by Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar. In them, Jarrar rejoicing in the passing of former first lady Barbara Bush, even calling Bush a racist.

"That's what the First Amendment is for," Scott said. "She has her rights, I have mine."

Nick Matoian is Fresno State College Republicans President, the group behind the vigil honoring Bush. 

He says, conservative students, are talking back.

"I know personally, I've had to silence myself," Matoian said. "Just because I don't want to sacrifice my grades, in order, you know, for professors to target me."

Promising to make their voices heard Wednesday, Thursday and around the country.

"There are conservative voices on campus, and we will stand up for what we believe in," Matoian said.

That open forum starts tomorrow night at 7, at the Save Mart Center.

Reporting in Fresno, Megan Rupe. 

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