Fresno Police Use Pit Maneuver, Suspect Vehicle Hits Fresno City Bus

A chase by the Fresno Police Department came to a jarring end when an Officer used a squad car to carry out  a pit maneuver to stop a dangerous criminal they were chasing.  Investigators say it's part of an aggressive plan to go take violent criminals off the streets,

The chase came to an end near Belmont and San Pablo.  Fresno Police say the suspect they were chasing is classified as one of the most dangerous in the city, and when he failed to stop they had no choice but to use every means at their disposal to bring the pursuit to a stop.

Investigators say they were able to arrest David Marquez at around two o'clock Wednesday afternoon when the Officer made the decision to use the pit maneuver to stop the vehicle the suspect was traveling in.

Marquez' vehicle spun out, and hit the occupied city bus, but fortunately no one was seriously hurt, and Police say they're glad to get this suspect into custody.  " The pit maneuver was successful, but as the pit was completed the car slowly impacted a Fresno city bus. Right now Marquez is in custody for a felony pursuit as well as three open cases", said Lt. Joe Alvarez of the Fresno Police Department. Police stress they only use the maneuver rarely, and when absolutely necessary.

Investigators say marquez wanted on multiple felonies including assault with a deadly weapon and was a parolee at large. Officers say the pit maneuver was used because this was a suspect they didn't want to get away because he was considered dangerous. 


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