Fresno police launch Code Red notification system

Code Red system will alert residents to emergencies via phone call, text & email

Fresno police have started a new program to let you know when there is an emergency in the city or in your neighborhood.
It's called Code Red.
Phone calls with a recorded message started to go out this week to encourage people to sign up.
It's a high speed emergency communications notification system. It can notify the entire city or specific areas within the city.
The system will deliver the information through telephone calls, text messages and emails.
The messages may regard evacuations, police activity, missing children, or other information.
We asked some Fresno residents about their thoughts on the system.
"A text or a phone call, it works for me. That would still be good to let everybody know what's going on, then if it's something big then it's like real serious we need to get on it," said Rocky, a Fresno resident.
"My opinion is not really. I think there's enough stuff to worry about. I don't need phone calls saying there's more crap to worry about," said Audrey Keeran of Fresno.
"Yeah, I would probably do that," said Fresno resident Sonder Legari.
This is also a partnership with valley Crime Stoppers.
Community messages will include alerts on the Crime Stoppers most wanted of the day, so you know who police are looking for.
To sign up for the Code Red system, go to the City of Fresno website at:

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