Fresno Police: crime trending down, individuals wanted

FRESNO, Calif. - Crime continues to decrease in the City of Fresno.

Wednesday, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said violent crime and property crimes are down compared to this time last year.

The chief said he is glad to see the numbers go down, but said they are not low enough.

Dyer said the department is working hard to combat the crime in our city to drive those numbers down even lower.

He said this year there's been 15 homicides, compared to 31 this time last year.

Dyer said that's 16 fewer lives lost.

"Behind every one of those numbers, behind every one of those percentages are families that did not have to suffer a tragedy and go through the mourning of a loss of a loved one within our city," he expressed.

Shootings have decreased as well. Last year at this time, Dyer said there were 244, of that, 108 victims suffered gunshot wounds.

This year, he said there were 171 shootings and 66 gunshot wounds.

Dyer said that means fewer people in the emergency room.

He said it's because of the dedication of the department to combat this violence.

"We know that about two-thirds of all of our gang shootings involve someone affiliated or associated with a gang, so our strategy this last year has been targeting those individuals involved in gang violence," he said.

The chief said another big reduction they are seeing is in property crimes, such as homes and cars getting broken into.

He said auto theft has gone down, about 29 percent, but police are still looking for certain individuals.

"If you see these individuals in a shopping center or in your neighborhood they're likely up to know good, probably looking to breaking into a car," Dyer said. 

If you have any information on any of the individuals in the video or on any crimes you can always call CRIME STOPPERS at 498-STOP.

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