Fresno man in viral video found guilty in Starbucks robbery

FRESNO, California - The man caught on video in a Transformers mask trying to rob a Starbucks in Fresno has been found guilty of the crime, the court said Tuesday.

Ryan Flores, 30, was found guilty on two counts, including attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. The court also found Flores personally used a deadly weapon -- a knife -- in the course of the robbery attempt.

During the robbery, 58-year old Cregg Jerri stepped in to stop the crime, and the two got into a fight. Both men were hurt, but the Flores family said their son plans on suing Jerri for excessive force.

The court could not prove, however, the allegation that Flores personally inflicted bodily injury upon Jerri.

His mother, Pamela Chimienti, said the family does not condone what he did, but she said Flores should not have been attacked back the way he was.

The surveillance video went viral. In the video, you can see Jerry enjoying his drink at Starbucks. Suddenly, a man wearing a Transformers mask pulls out a gun, a knife, and a bag, and demands money from the barista.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer called Jerri a "hero," but Chimienti said her son is a victim, too.

"He has 17 total stab wounds, lacerations, and defensive wounds," Chimienti said.

Chimienti said Jerri used excessive force when trying to stop her son from robbing the Starbucks.

She said, "The guy, in my opinion, went from a Good Samaritan to a vigilante. Stabbing somebody that many times, it doesn't take that many stab wounds to get somebody to succumb to you."

Now, Chimienti said her son plans on filing a lawsuit against Jerri for that alleged excessive force.

Dyer stated, "To say that Cregg Jerri is going to be sued for intervening in an armed robbery and being stabbed in the neck. That is ludicrous."

Flores is currently in custody at the Fresno County Jail. He faces up to five years in state prison, and he is scheduled to be sentenced on Dec. 13.

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